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About Lyon Contact Lens Center A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE...

  • 1976: We opened doors to our first office near Disneyland. There was only one exam room, and we specialized in the design and development of first generation Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) contact lenses.
  • 1978: The introduction of Gas Permeable lenses for patients with sensitive eyes.
  • 1979: First generation soft lenses that did not require boiling for disinfection were introduced.
  • 1981: FDA approval of soft contact lenses for overnight wear.
  • 1982: The opening of our second office... this time near Anaheim Stadium. We expanded to 3 exam rooms and a full laboratory to meet the needs of our emergency patients.
  • 1986: Overnight wear of Gas Permeable lenses became available.
  • 1987: The introduction of disposable soft contact lenses became available.
About Lyon Contact Lens Center
  • 1992: Soft Astigmatic lenses were introduced.
  • 1997: The opening of our third office here in the Logos Building near South Coast Plaza. We expanded to 5 exam rooms and a multi dimensional on-site laboratory.
  • 2002: The introduction of Piggy Back contact lenses for patients who needed soft lenses to protect their corneas for health reasons, followed by a rigid contact lens to correct their vision.
  • 2010: Fitting our 20,000 patient. Having patients in 22 states and 8 foreign countries who continue to see us every year for their exams.
  • 2015-2019: Fitting our 25,000 patient. Also having patients in 32 states and 10 foreign countries who continue to see us every year for their exams.
  • 2020 and Beyond…: Thanks to your prayers and support, The Lyon Contact Lens Center continues its amazing journey in fitting, designing, developing, and perfecting contact lenses for the 21st century contact lens patient.

Yours very truly,
Bill Lyon and Staff

Our Advanced Technology makes it possible for virtually anyone to consider contact lenses.