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Contact Lens Fitting in Orange County

At Lyon Contact Lens Center in Orange County, Bill Lyon and his team specialize in professional contact lens fittings. 80% of our patients have previously failed with their old-style lenses, so their optometrist sends them to us. With our 40 years of tested and proven results, our patients have found success in our revolutionary custom contact lenses.

We utilize future generation designs, materials, and techniques—all balanced in a friendly, gentle, and loving environment. We walk every individual through our process in order to customize a lens program that is designed for success. We partner with our patients and their ophthalmologistsnd their ophthalmologists in order to maximize the best possible results and experiences, which has left us with a portfolio of lifelong patients.

6 Reasons to Consider Contact Lenses

  • Easy to wear and convenient to use for both children and adults
  • Useful for social, professional, and active lifestyles
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to other alternatives
  • Opportunity for fresh, new lenses when vision changes
  • Safer and healthier alternative to surgery
  • A Personalized Contact Lens Exam

See if Specialty Contact Lenses are Right for You

At the Lyon Contact Lens Center, we have addressed some of the greatest challenges a 21st century contact lens patient experiences—starting with our personalized contact lens exam.

Our practice has been deemed the gold standard for individuals who previously failed with old style contact lenses of the past. We are uniquely qualified with our 40+ year experience and our successful track record.

At our office, we have either developed or embraced all of the latest technological breakthroughs in the contact lens field.

We feature many of the most extensive specialty contact lens designs and materials in today's technology—utilizing global resources found across Europe, Canada, and Australia. Get in touch with Lyon Contact Lens Center today to schedule a consultation.

Our Advanced Technology makes it possible for virtually anyone to consider contact lenses.