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Bifocal Contacts, Post-Cataract Surgery Lenses, and More Active Senior Patient Testimonials

Rick Nabers

Rick Nabers - Active Senior Patient

Meet Rick Nabers, Our Featured Patient Of The Week...

Rick has been a wonderful patient and friend here at our office for over 20 years. In spite of his heavy astigmatism and the need for bifocals, Rick has enjoyed contact lens wear at its very best with our state of the art lens programs.

As a successful businessman for many years here in Southern California, Rick has been a part of numerous auto dealerships such as Nabers Cadillac and Weseloh Honda. To all of us here at the Lyon Contact Lens Center, we just call him "Rick."

Just a funny story about what brought Rick back to Lyon Contact Lens Center, as he had taken a couple of years off from contacts and had been wearing glasses full time. Earlier this week, Rick called our office after he dropped his bifocals and stepped on them causing them to get completely scratched and they became unwearable. He asked Gaby, "Does Bill have time to see me today? I think I want to go back to contacts again!"

His reasoning for the switch was as follows:

  • 1. He liked and missed the freedom of contact lenses over eyeglasses.
  • 2. He's often racing vintage motorcycles and knows contact lenses will give him much better vision in critical situations over eyeglasses.
  • 3. He had also heard that Bill Lyon was introducing new generation lenses for people such as himself with dry and sensitive eyes with complex prescriptions.

Rick came in and saw Bill Lyon for his contact lenses and walked out 30 minutes later seeing perfect 20/20 vision with his new hi-definition soft astigmatic lenses!!!

Besides his many gifts and talents, we also noticed that Rick has a very impressive photographic memory! Rick shared that he can vividly recall Bill Lyon as a young intern fitting him into contact lenses. That was in Los Angeles over 40 years ago.... what a memory!

Thank you Rick, for the many years you have blessed us as a patient and friend. Here at the Lyon Contact Lens Center, and with God's help, we could never do the things we do without your love and support!

Barry Aronowitz

Barry Aronowitz - Active Senior Patient

Meet Barry Aronowitz, Our Featured Patient Of The Week...

Barry was referred to our office by his pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Sheldon Nankin who had performed numerous eye muscle operations on Barry due to double vision and compromised vision in his left eye.

At Dr. Nankin's office Barry held the distinction of being Dr Nankin's oldest patient! Here he was, a grown man in the waiting room waiting his turn while all the other patients in the pediatric office ranged in ages between 12 months and a few whopping 10 year olds.

Needless to say, Barry has now been a patient of Bill Lyon's for over 7 years and has become one of our favorites.... always with a smile and full of funny jokes. In spite of dry eyes, astigmatism and a weak left eye after numerous surgeries, Barry wears his new Hi-Definition lenses from our office beautifully with all day comfort and 20/20 vision in both near and distance!

Thank you Barry for the many years you have blessed us as a patient. Here at the Lyon Contact Lens Center, we could never do the things we do for our patients without your love and support.

Dennis Bowers & Lark Gerry

Dennis Bowers & Lark Gerry - Active Senior Patient

Meet Our Patients Of The Week, Dennis Bowers And His Good Friend Lark Gerry...

Both Dennis and Lark enjoy extremely active lifestyles, and wear their lenses everywhere you can possibly imagine! In spite of sensitive eyes, astigmatism, and the need for bifocals, they are able to competitively play golf, tennis, and cycling.

Here at the Lyon Contact Lens Center, we have patients from all different age groups, lifestyles, and medical conditions. These are conditions where contact lenses have made a dramatic difference for work, sports, and after hour/week-end activities for our patients!

Call our office.... we'll be glad to fill you in on what's new!!!

Ruth Renshaw

Ruth Renshaw - Senior Patient

Meet Ruth Renshaw... she's our snow bird who has been coming to see us every winter from Alaska over the past 16 years.

Since 1999, Ruth has been traveling from her Anchorage, Alaska home to her second home in Huntington Beach, California.

During her seasonal stay in California she always makes it a priority to visit our office and see Bill Lyon for her annual eye exams.

We're always happy to hear how well Ruth has adapted to her bifocal custom contact lenses that Bill Lyon fitted her into, and how well she can see.

Thank you Ruthie, for being such a wonderful and faithful patient over the years. We could never do the things we do without your love and support :)

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