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Athlete Patient Testimonials Overcoming Astigmatism

Pat Riley

Pat Riley

Bill Lyon fitted pro basketball legend Pat Riley into contact lenses in spite of his astigmatism and sensitive eyes. Pat was able to wear his contact lenses beautifully not only on the world championship Lakers team of the 1970s but also as the coach for the Lakers during the 1980s and 1990s!

Hayley Hodson

Hayley Hodson - Athlete Patient

While at LCLC Hayley shared with us her accomplishments as "The Nation's #1 Recruit"... and her excitement for the opportunity to play volleyball on a college level at Stanford University.

Today her father Jim Hodson proudly shared this picture of Hayley being featured on Volleyball Magazine's April 2015 edition. We are so happy to see how much Hayley has grown to be such a wonderful person, student, and athlete... may she continue to achieve her highest goals and good luck to you Hayley next year playing on Stanford's volleyball team!!!

Tate Beteta

Tate - Athlete Patient

Meet our featured patient of the week, 13 year old Tate, who specializes in Equestrian Horse Jumping.

Tate's ophthalmologist who refers all his pediatric patients to see Bill Lyon whenever special needs or challenges are required, mentioned to Tate's mom that contact lenses would be a better option for Tate's competitive horse jumping... rather than the bulky eyeglasses she had been using.

Tate's mom came to us two years ago with a question and a request about Tate: Is my daughter too young to wear contact lenses? Also, could contact lenses in fact give her sharpness in vision and the confidence she would need to perform her sport?

The answer was no, she was not too young... and YES, the contact lenses would definitely help her with her competitions!

Thank you Tate, and thank you Mom for your trust and confidence with what we have mutually been able to do for your beautiful daughter. Here at the Lyon Contact Lens Center, we could never do the things we do without your love and support!

George Andrews

George Andrews - Athlete Patient

Meet George Andrews: Former NFL linebacker for the Los Angeles Rams.
George has had many impressive accomplishments in both his personal life and in his football career. He was a 3 Time All-American 1st team at Nebraska, and also an Academic All-American in his studies!

In professional football, George was a first round draft choice for the L.A. Rams... and in his first year as a player, helped lead the Rams to their first and only Super Bowl appearance in Pasadena against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Over the past 35 years, George and I have had a wonderful friendship together. Not only did he continue to be a patient at our office after his football career, he was very instrumental in my own Christian walk through his Godly example Thank to me. George and his wife Heidi live here in Orange County and have 3 beautiful children together.

Thank you George, for all the years of friendship we've had with you here at Lyon Contact Lens Center. We could never do the things we do at The Lyon Contact Lens Center without your love and support!

Alex Redmond

Alex Redmond - Athlete Patient

Meet Alex Redmond of the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals... Our patient of the week!

Alex stands at 6'5" and almost 300 pounds. When he first started as a patient at our office at the age of 12, he was already bigger and taller than most college athletes. His mom Michelle, had taken Alex to another eye doctor for contact lenses, but because of Alex's astigmatism and challenging cornea curvatures, his contact lenses would continuously pop out during his football practices and games.

Michelle was beside herself... her son needed to see, and eyeglasses were not an option for lineman in football. Bill Lyon immediately put Alex into soft astigmatic contact lenses that solved all of his vision problems and allowed him to see clearly without the use of his thick and heavy eyeglasses!

Fast forward to today... Alex is happily married and comes to see us from Cincinnati for his yearly check-ups. He's visiting his mom and dad for now, but next month, he'll report back to practice to prepare for the 2017 NFL football season.

Thank you Alex for all the years that you and your mom Michelle have blessed us here as patients. Here at the Lyon Contact Lens Center we can never do the things we do without your love and support!

Cameron Baranek

Cameron Baranek - Athlete Patient

We're so proud of Cameron Baranek, who earlier this week signed his MLB contract with the the Florida Marlins of the National League!
As a center fielder, he led his college team in most batting categories, along with a team leading .364 batting average.

I have a flood of memories remembering 10 years ago when Cameron first came to my office as a 13 year old.

He had 3 questions for me... This is how the conversation went:

  • 1. Am I too young to wear contact lenses? 
  • 2. I'm very nearsighted and have astigmatism. Can I still wear contact lenses?
  • 3. I'm very active in sports, and eye glasses don't work for me. Will contact lenses help me when I'm playing baseball?

Little did we know that 10 years later Cameron would be drafted by a Major League Team. Way to go, Cameron! We'll be watching and praying for success in all your future endeavors!!

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