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Testimonials Corneal Transplant Patients

Louis Quezada

Louis Quezada - Corneal Transplant Patient

Meet our good friend, Louis Quezada.
Due to a rare eye condition that affected both of his eyes, Louis was legally blind when referred to our office by his ophthalmologist, Dr. James Boyce 12 years ago. His previous eye doctors could not provide the comfort or vision that Louis needed to pursue his career in law enforcement.

An update on Louis: After many years of comfortable and clear vision with the "Air Lens" that Bill Lyon designed for him, Louis' corneas atrophied to the point where cornea transplants were finally necessary. First, the right cornea was transplanted in 2011, and the left one followed in 2013.

After many months of endless medications to avoid cornea rejection, Bill Lyon was able to refit Louis into his custom "Dream Lens" design. The outcome for Louis remains outstanding! A perfect 20/20 in his right eye and a very solid 20/25 in his left eye... requirements that Louis must still meet in order to continue his career in law enforcement.

At the Lyon Contact Lens Center, we help to transform lives and lifestyles of our patients every day, with future driven technology in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century contact lens patient!

Hector Martinez

Hector - Corneal Transplant Patient

Meet our most extraordinary patient... Hector drives down from the Temecula area to see contact lens specialist, Bill Lyon annually and has been a patient of The Lyon Contact Lens Center for about 13 years now.

Hector has had major challenges with his eyes throughout his life and has had multiple procedures to correct his near sightedness, high astigmatism, Kerataconus, and glaucoma. Over the past years he has undergone various major eye surgeries such as: a corneal transplant, cataract extraction and a cataract implant.

What a wonderful patient! Bill often jokes with Hector and refers to him as "The 6 Million Dollar Man" because of all the special care his eyes have needed. Thank You so much Hector for trusting us to work with you and help you achieve the level of sight you have been seeking...

Hector's dependance on his custom contact lenses from our office have played a major role in giving him the gift of sight... Hector has had so much to be thankful for: seeing clearly has allowed him to live a normal and healthy lifestyle, provide for his family and children of which have graduated from college!

Even with all of Hector's challenges, our office has been successful in fitting many patients into contact lenses that go over transplanted corneas.

Tulia Alvarado

Tulia Alvarado - Corneal Transplant Patient

Meet our good friend and present candidate for our Bionic Woman of the year, Tulia Alvarado!

As the holiday season approaches, we are so very thankful for Tulia and her unique and challenging testimony...

Due to dystrophies in both eyes, Tulia required cornea transplants that left her legally blind when she was first referred to see Bill Lyon by her ophthalmologist, Dr. George Garcia.

Another setback occurred in October of 2013 when Tulia required 4 additional surgeries to both of her eyes: Surgeries were performed to repair her detached retina, glaucoma, and subsequent cataract / implant.

It took Bill Lyon 9 different lens fittings and appointments to finally achieve success for Tulia. Working outside the box and using unique designs and materials, Bill successfully fitted Tulia with a hi-definition soft lens in her non-dominant eye, and a combination hard-soft lens in her dominant eye.

With these 3 lenses used in both eyes, Tulia has her life back to almost normal... she can finally drive a car by herself again!!!

Way to go, Tulia, we're so thankful to God for His mercies to you and your family this holiday season!

Thank you Tulia... we could never do the things we do with out your love and support!

Lee Valenzuela

Lee - Corneal Transplant Patient

Lee lost the use of his left eye many years ago due to a detached retina.
His only hope for clear vision and a normal lifestyle was to correct his existing right eye with a contact lens that would allow him to drive, to work, and most importantly.... live a normal life.

When we first met Lee earlier this month, he complained that all his doctors in Mexico and here in the United States insisted that he could not be fully corrected in his right eye because of excessive "scarring" to the eye and having an extreme 6.50 diopters of astigmatism.

After Bill Lyon's examination earlier this month, he asked Lee two simple questions:

1. Did you know you have a condition known as Keratoconus? e.g.: (A dystrophy of the cornea tissue that causes the cornea to bulge or protrude outwards making eye glasses and ordinary soft lenses ineffective).

2. Did you also know that at our office we could custom make a lens that can successfully fit over your scarred cornea, correct all of your astigmatism.... and best of all give you 20/20 vision?

Fast forward to today, when we finally fitted Lee into the newly developed Dream Lens that Bill Lyon custom made for Lee. The results for Lee have been outstanding! He has excellent comfort and best of all, 20/20 vision.

Lee is now seeing objects at a distance that haven't been this clear for over 20 years! This is right about the time when he first developed the Keratoconus that all of his doctors could never diagnose or correct!

Thank you Lee for coming all the way from Mexico so we could finally diagnose your unique symptoms, and best of all address the solution to your 20 year old challenges. Here at the Lyon Contact Lens Center, we could never do the things we do without your kindness, trust, and support.

Our Advanced Technology makes it possible for virtually anyone to consider contact lenses.