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Testimonials Geriatric Patients

Barbara Stratton

Barbara Stratton - Geriatric Patient

Meet Barbara Stratton She had her cataracts removed over 50 years ago...

Way back in 1967, cataract surgery for Barbara was archaic, as post cataract implants were not yet invented. This was her main reason for wearing contact lenses from our office. Due to to arthritis and dexterity issues, Barbara faithfully comes to our office every month from Fullerton so that Bill Lyon can personally remove and re-insert a fresh lens that can be worn for 30 days without removal.

For over 40 years, Bill Lyon, founder and director of the Lyon Contact Lens Center has specialized in geriatric lens technology for his patients such Barbara, whose lenses fall under the category of' "therapeutic" or ''medically necessary”

Every patient who comes to the Lyon Contact Lens Center has a story. Whether you have tried and failed with contact lenses in the past, have sensitive eyes, astigmatism, wear bifocals or have blurred vision after unsuccessful lasik surgery, call our office and see how future generation contact lenses can make a life changing experience for you!

Gracia Aldrich

Gracia Aldrich - Geriatric Patient

Blessed are the flexible... meet our patient of the week... 86 year old Gracia Aldrich.....

At the age of 83, Gracia is one of our favorite patients. As a 20 year veteran of the Lyon Contact Lens Center, she wore her lenses beautifully until last year when she was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration in her dominant left eye.

A series of monthly injections of Avastin and Lucentis directly to the left eye proved to be ineffective for Gracia's treatment to the Macula. Bill Lyon then decided to switch Gracia to use her non-dominant right eye to do the majority of her distance activities. The results were even better than we all expected! Gracia now has perfect 20/20 distance vision with her non dominant right eye and only occasionally needs to use reading glasses when seeing objects up close.

Thank you Gracia for the many years of kindness and trust you have extended our way. Here at the Lyon Contact Lens Center, we could never do the things we do without your love and support!

Jackie Hubbard

Jackie Hubbard - Geriatric Patient

Meet our good friend and long time patient Jackie Hubbard.
After over 50 years of continuous and very successful contact lens use, she was recently told that the cataracts in her eyes had grown to a level where they finally needed to be removed.

The Problem: Being legally blind without correction, and with a prescription of -11.00 in both eyes, she had been told to stop wearing her contact lenses and go back to her thick and heavy eyeglasses for the next four months until she could finally have her cataracts removed.

The Solution: Bill Lyon formulated a lens design for Jackie utilizing "bandage soft lenses." These unique lenses would leave no imprint on Jackie's eyes, and still allow her to see reasonably well without going back to her heavy and blurry -11.00 eyeglasses. All this would be in preparation for her upcoming surgery!

The Conclusion: Over the next 10 years, hundreds of our patients will require cataract surgery or implants. This is all part of the remarkable journey of life that we all eventually will go through. Don't let the onset of cataracts be a discouragement to you.

Technological advances: Instead allow the tremendous opportunity of today's technologies with bandage contact lenses and eventually cataract surgery and implants allow you to experience clear comfortable vision... an absolute blessing for all active seniors who wish to continue seeing clearly without compromise.

Thank you Jackie, for all the years of love, friendship and support you have given our office. You have been an absolute blessing to us over the years...

Our Advanced Technology makes it possible for virtually anyone to consider contact lenses.