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Testimonials Medically Necessary Patients

Arlene Bravo

Arlene Bravo - Medically Necessary Patient

From Legally Blind To 20/20 Vision... How Miraculous And Wonderful!

Meet our featured patient of the week, Arlene Bravo. Arlene came to our office last week stating that she could not see clearly during the past 3 years because of her eye condition, which is commonly known as Keratoconus. Now being legally blind, she mentioned that her eyeglasses could no longer help her see the blackboard at school, allow her to drive a car safely, or even recognize the face of family and friends across the room... all the little blessings that we all take for granted had slowly and systematically been taken away from her because of her eye condition.

The good news is that special hybrid lenses can be used very effectively for patients such as Arlene who exhibit cornea dystrophies such as Keratoconus, or even cornea transplant recipients who often remain legally blind... even after successful transplant surgery. These life changing hybrid contact lenses actually fit over the cornea surface of patients with scarred or disfigured corneas... which was the case for Arlene with dramatic and life-changing results.

Thirty five minutes after insertion of Arlene's new micro-thin lenses from our office, she was easily able to read 20/20 out each eye, and an amazing 20/15 binocular vision with both eyes together! We have included a picture of Arlene's flourescene pattern under dark room analysis which shows her perfect lens placement and ideal tear circulation.

Over the past 20 years, Bill Lyon has either developed for his patients, or has embraced all the latest advances in these specialized lenses. In the case of Arlene, a picture is with a thousand words, as she left our office today with crystal clear vision in both eyes... what a thrill for her, and for all of us at the Lyon Contact Lens Center!!!

Thank you Arlene for your trust and confidence in what we do for our patients every day. Here at the Lyon Contact Lens Center, we could never do the things we do without your love and support!

Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson - Medically Necessary Patient

Meet 7 year old Ryan Anderson, one of our younger patients... have you ever seen a bigger smile? Brought in just a few days ago by his dad.

It all started with Ryan's Grandpa Mark, who first came to The Lyon Contact Lens Center and was surprised to find how clear and comfortable his new hi-def contact lenses were. So when his grandson expressed interest in trying contact lenses just like his grandpa, the decision was made for him to come down from the Magic Mountain area to be fitted by Bill Lyon, who has specialized in fitting pediatric patients for over 30 years.

Little Ryan has the kind of prescription we often see in adults, as we were surprised to find that he needed +6.00 diopters of correction in both eyes with against-the-rule astigmatism. Since Ryan is extremely bright, loves to play sports and was having difficulty with his thick and heavy eyeglasses getting in the way, contact lenses became an excellent option for him.

On the very first day with his new contact lenses, Ryan remarked that he didn't even feel the lenses in his eyes... and that he could FINALLY see without his eyeglasses!

Thank you Ryan, and Grandpa Mark for your trust and confidence in what we do here at The Lyon Contact Lens Center for our adult and pediatric patients..... We could never do the things we do without your love and support!

Marizol Garcia

Marizol Garcia - Medically Necessary Patient

Meet Marizol Garcia... although she was born with two eyes, she now wears four lenses... all at the same time.

She was referred to our office after being told she may need to have corneal transplants in both eyes. Now considered being legally blind, Marizol would no longer be able to drive or hold down a full time job.

Bill Lyon was able to fit her into soft contact lenses that would help protect her eyes from the advanced scarring from her eye condition, known as Keratoconus. Over the soft lenses Bill Lyon was then able to prescribe Marizol the new "Dream Lens" which would now give her 20/20 vision!!!

Thank you Marizol for being such a wonderful patient. At The Lyon Contact Lens Center we could never do the things we do without your love and support!!

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