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Testimonials Pediatric Patients

Andrew Barajas

Andrew Barajas - Pediatric Patient

Meet Andrew Barajas...
one of our youngest patients. Andrew came to us on his 7th birthday last October with a special request: "Can I wear contact lenses so I'll be able to run and play like all the other kids at school without being teased?" "My friends always laugh at me because my glasses are so thick and heavy."

Andrew's mom, Leticia had her own wish list for her son: "Andrew's latest eyeglass prescription is -18.50 on the right and -16.50 on the left... his eye glasses are always blurry and he can't see the board at school. Are there contact lenses for my son that can give him clear vision and help his confidence at school and with his friends?"

The answer was "Yes" "Yes" and "Yes"... Bill Lyon was able to fit Andrew with a micro-thin lens design he uses as a specialty lens for his pediatric patients. With these new lenses, Andrew is able to see clearly with all day comfort at home, school..... and at play with his friends!

Thank you Andrew, and thank you also "Mama Leticia" for the faith and trust you placed with us with your beautiful son. At The Lyon Contact Lens Center, we can never do the things we do without your love and support. Here's to many healthy and happy years with your pediatric contact lenses Andrew!!!

Ezekiel Fierro

Ezekiel Fierro - Pediatric Patient

An Amazing Story, Almost Impossible To Believe, But It's True!
Meet 16 month old Ezekiel Fierro had his cataract removed just 6 months ago! For Ezekiel, he is much too young to have implants. At age 12, he will have the option of having an implant inserted into his right eye.... let's see, that will be around the year 2029. Since Ezekiel is only 16 months old, his parents must insert his lens daily. .

For over 40 years, Bill Lyon, founder and director of the Lyon Contact Lens Center has specialized in both pediatric and geriatric lens technology for his patients such as Ezekiel, whose lenses fall under the category of' "therapeutic" or ''medically necessary'' guidelines.

Every patient who comes to the Lyon Contact Lens Center has a story. Whether you have tried and failed with contact lenses in the past, have sensitive eyes, astigmatism, wear bifocals or have blurred vision after unsuccessful lasik surgery, call our office and see how future generation contact lenses can make a life changing experience for you!

Ilene Ordorica

Ilene Ordorica - Pediatric Patient

Meet our beautiful patient of the week Ilene Ordorica...

Ilene has a beautiful story full of challenges and praise reports. Having had eye muscle surgery at 12 months of age, Ilene was referred to our office when she was 11 years old by her pediatric ophthalmologist because of her heavy astigmatism, extreme hyperopia, and a lazy right eye with the hope that contact lenses could give her the clarity she needed as she approached her teen years.

Fast forward to last year when Ilene was wearing her contact lenses beautifully as a college student... simply minding her own business while crossing the street. Tragically she was run over by a hit and run foreign exchange student who simply sped away to escape responsibility. An oncoming car saw the crime and followed the exchange student with headlights turned off long enough to call the police to apprehend the hit and run driver.

Recovery for our beautiful Ilene has been nothing short of amazing, as the doctors have done a remarkable job, thanks to Ilene's positive attitude and sheer guts! Also, her short term memory which was severely compromised has returned, as Ilene is back in school and starting to live the normal life of a healthy young lady!

Ilene, we are so very proud of you and how you have rebounded from last year's challenges. You are always smiling and have such a positive attitude.. May God richly bless you always.

My Grandson Gabriel

My Grandson Gabriel - Pediatric Patient

Meet My 8 Year Old Grandson Gabriel, Our Featured Patient Of The Week...

I have never wanted to use a family member as 'material' that can become self serving. This one exception will be my grandson, Gabriel. Although I have already fitted Gabriel's mom and dad, his grandmother and great-grandmother... along with numerous uncles and aunts, I felt Gabriel was much too young to start on contact lenses.

Unless there is a medical necessity, I'll usually start girl patients as young as 8, since they mature earlier than boys, who I prefer to wait till they're 11 or 12. My daughter Blanca convinced me that Gabriel was more than ready to try. After being teased about his new glasses at school, along with being very active in sports made contact lenses the natural choice for Gabriel.

This picture of Gabriel and me was taken right after the first day fitting. ''Hey Gabriel, how do your lenses feel?'' His answer back to me, ''Papa, I don't even feel them in my eyes, and I can see even better than my glasses.''

We will be monitoring Gabriel every 6 months, since his vision zoomed from a perfect 20/20 last year to 20/70, where at the age of 8, he already needs a -2.50 correction. If his vision remains constant, we'll keep him in his present lenses.

If his vision continues to decline (Gabriel's father wears -10.00 correction contact lenses, and I myself wear -8.00 in my contacts), due to hereditary factors, we may consider fitting Gabriel into our ''Dream Lens'' that I use quite effectively to stop the progression of myopia.

Thank you Gabriel for showing me that there definitely are exceptions for the many 8 year olds out there such as yourself, who can wear contact lenses with total comfort and vision. You are now officially part of the 4th generation of families we have successfully fitted here at the Lyon Contact Lens Center. Just remember to always brush your teeth and take good care of your lenses! I'll see you tomorrow at home, and see you 6 months from now at my office!

Lily Nelson

Lily - Pediatric Patient

Earlier this month, Lily was referred to our office by her pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. David Sami with a list of very unique and challenging requests for Bill Lyon and his staff.

Here is a partial list of questions and observations that came from Lily's mom Jennifer:

  • 1. Lily had already been wearing eyeglasses since the age of 18 months.
  • 2. She had a lazy eye (medical term: amblyopia) which required her efficient eye to be periodically patched since age 2... in order to get the weaker eye to get stronger.
  • 3. She now requires a very strong Rx in her eyeglasses of +10.50 and +11.00 respectively.
  • 4. Could all this correction be incorporated into a contact lens, and be successfully fitted into the eyes of a petite little 9 year old?
  • 5. Lilly wanted to do sports, and with her thick and heavy eyeglasses up until now, this has been impossible for Lily. Could contact lenses be a solution for her at this time?
  • 6. Was Lily too young to be fitted into contact lenses?
  • 7. Would the deep marks on the bridge of her nose on both sides ever heal from the many years of wearing +10.00 eyeglasses?

The answer to many of the above challenges and questions were answered in the first day, and the first week of Lily's successful contact lens experience! Lily now has excellent comfort and vision with her new lenses.

She will be able to perform sports with her friends, and I've promised Lily's mother that the deep marks on both sides of her nose will be gone within the next two weeks of full time contact lens wear.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Thank you Lily and Jennifer, and also, Dr. Sami for your wonderful referral of Lily to our office. We could never do the things we do without your love and support!

Our Advanced Technology makes it possible for virtually anyone to consider contact lenses.