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Testimonials Post Lasik Patients

Maria Limon

Maria Limon - Post Lasik Patient

Meet our featured patient of the week, Maria Limon.... former Lasik patient and a big fan of The Lyon Contact Lens Center....

Maria first came to our office 4 years ago after already undergoing 4 separate Lasik surgeries. Before these surgeries she was easily correctable to 20/20 in both eyes with conventional eyeglasses. By the time she underwent her final Lasik procedure, her best possible correction was 20/25 in her better right eye.

Unfortunately the final surgery to her left eye which was only to be an "enhancement" to correct her vision to an acceptable 20/25 did not go as planned. Instead Maria ended up with so much scarring after the "enhancement" that she was reduced to 20/200... which is considered to be legally blind: someone who cannot even pass the DMV test here in California without special approval by an Ophthalmologist.

After numerous failed contact lens attempts, Maria came to Bill Lyon to see if his recently developed "Dream Lens" he had been fitting post Lasik patients into could work for her. After 4 visits and 3 different fittings... SUCCESS!!! A perfect 20/20 in her right eye, and a beautiful 20/25 in her left eye. The "Dream Lens" fits over her corneal scarring and allows vision clear enough that Maria can even fly an airplane... assuming she first takes lessons!

Thank You Maria for your loyalty to what we do for our patients every day, balanced by your trust and confidence in Bill Lyon's 40 years of experience and expertise in the eye care field.... A field where he specializes on high risk individuals. Maria, may you and your eyes continue to be a marvelous success story for many more happy and healthy years to come!

Mike Thomson

Mike Thomson - Post Lasik Patient

Meet our featured patient of the week, professional jet pilot Mike Thomson.
Mike has had a remarkable career for over 30 years as a professional pilot. All this came to an abrupt end when he attempted Lasik surgery with less than favorable results!

Immediately after Lasik surgery, Mike experienced blurred and double vision in his dominant eye, and triple vision in his non-dominant eye. Mike immediately contacted the FAA and grounded himself from flying... which resulted in a period of frustration and depression.

About that same time, Mike heard about the Lyon Contact Lens Center, and how Bill Lyon was using "Reverse Geometry" Oxygen Permeable lenses with great success for post Lasik patients... in order to bring back the clarity that was lost.

Fast-forward to today, where Mike with his contact lenses from the Lyon Contact Lens Center sees a perfect 20/15 in both eyes, was also able to reinstate his commercial license through the FAA, and is back to flying jet aircrafts all over the world again!

Thank you Mike, for all the years you've blessed our office as a patient and friend. Here at the Lyon Contact Lens Center, we can never do the things we do without your love and support.

Robert Benson

Robert Benson - Post Lasik Patient

Meet Robert Benson, another Six Million Dollar Man with Bionic Eyes...
Rob, just like so many of our patients has a very interesting story to tell. At any one time, he wears a total of six medically and optically fabricated lenses. Because of Rob's corneal dystrophies, he had surgically implanted intacts in both of his eyes = lens #1 and #2. He then needed to have a cataract extraction which necessitated a cataract implant = lens #3.

When Rob finally showed up to see Bill Lyon, his vision barely allowed him to drive legally in California. He was then prescribed high definition soft lenses that would fit over his implants = lens #4 and #5. Finally, there was a need to put Rob into our "Dream Lens" Oxygen Permeable Design.... this final lens would be fitted over his last soft lens in order to bring back the clarity that was lost.

Rob thank you for your commitment in coming to see us twice a year from Nuevo,Ca., we look forward to continuing to serve your vision needs for many more years to come.

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