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Lyon Contact Lens Center
Bill Lyon

An Open Letter To All Of My Patients

44 years ago this year, we started Lyon Contact Lens Center and opened its doors with a vision to build a world class center to address the challenges of the hard to fit contact lens patient. We started very small and built our reputation accordingly.

I now have a flood of memories that include so many of you over the years... Memories that I would never trade or give up, as I simply have you and your families to thank for the many years of loyalty, trust, and love you have extended our way..

By introducing lens designs that were considered “outside the box” our patients have been able to experience life changing lens designs, materials and techniques…such as “Bandage Lenses” to protect scarred corneas while still correcting vision, “Reverse Geometry Lenses” to fit over irregular corneas after lasik surgery proved to be unsuccessful, and even “Piggy Back Lenses” which are combination soft/hard lenses to provide comfort and clear vision for our cornea transplant patients.

Only by the grace of God could all this be possible…from our youngest patient: 2 year old Ezekiel Fierro who had his cataract removed and must wear a +14.00 Diopter soft lens that his mother inserts daily, all the way to Barbara Stratton: age 95 who wears a single “hybrid lens” that is removed once every 30 days, we have balanced all of our state of the art techniques with a gentle and loving office environment.

Every patient who comes to the Lyon Contact Lens Center has a story to tell about their experiences… As we celebrate our yesterday and today, we promise to commit all of our tomorrows to serve you and your families with the ultimate contact lens experience.

In closing, it has been an honor and privilege to be of service to all of you!


Bill Lyon and Staff

Our Advanced Technology makes it possible for virtually anyone to consider contact lenses.