Lyon Contact Lens Center

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Lyon Contact Lens Center

40 Years of Specialization pioneering new developments and
advancements in the contact lens field

Lyon Contact Lens Center

Cross generational appeal, from our 18 month old patient all the way up
to our 96 year old patient

Lyon Contact Lens Center

Utilizing Global Resources to address the challenges of the 21st
century contact lens patient

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Do you have ...

  • Sensitive eyes?
  • Dry eyes?
  • Astigmatism?
  • Wear bifocals?

Our advanced technology makes it possible for virtually anyone to consider contact lenses!

Orange County’s Leading Custom Contact Lens Center

Bill Lyon - founder and director of the Lyon Contact Lens Center - addresses the challenges of the 21st century contact lens patient. At our custom contact lens center in Orange County, we continue our amazing journey in fitting, designing, introducing, and developing state-of-the-art contact lenses for the typically "hard to fit" patient.

80% of our patients consist of drop-out or high-risk individuals who could not wear contact lenses in the past. Leading optometrists in the area widely regard Lyon Content Lens Center as the go-to resource for specialty contact lenses. With tens of thousands of successful patients in 32 states and 10 foreign countries who continue to see us every year at your Orange County location for their exams, contact lens specialist Bill Lyon has served his patients well.

Superior Vision Care for Hard-to-Fit Patients

From our youngest patient at 16 months old all the way to our oldest patient at age 96 who we have visited and examined in her senior living home, we continue to provide superior vision care through a balance of skill and expertise with breakthrough technology.

Our love and dedication for each and every patient has made us a trusted place for ophthalmologists’ patient referrals and an industry leader in the contact lens field for over 40 years!

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If you have failed in previous contact lens attempts or have been told you cannot wear contact lenses, call us today.

We focus on making a lasting difference in people’s lives and lifestyles by providing them with the gift of sight—one patient at a time!

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*All photos and videos shared here are of actual patients.